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Marina Pontoons

Tantus marina pontoons are modular and cost-effective. The pontoon standard models comprise concrete float modules, through bolts, and timber waler interconnection system. Their robust structure, durable concrete floats and non-slip decking are the exceptional features which made them suitable for most applications.

Villa Pontoons

Tantus villa pontoons are ideal for leisure marinas,swimming pontooons, and resort floating terrace.With their concrete floats and hardwood decking,they offer long lasting and maintenance free pontoons solutions.

Floating Dock

Tantus floating docks are portable and modular, with galvanized / coated steel frames and EPS filled plastic barrels.

Access Bridges

Access Bridges is avariable slope structure that provide walkable access between a point on land and a floating pontoon that moves up and down through a range of changing water levels.

Mooring Fingers

Tantus mooring fingers and boat booms are typically attached to walkway pontoons, that together define the length and widt of a berth Mooring Fingers provide direct pedestrian access to and from a boat in a berth and provide the secure mooring


Reliability, durability, maintenanece free, and corrosion free are features of Tantus concrete floates.The concrete floats are manufactured from soild polystyrene protected by galvanised steel reinforced concrete.


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